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A guest starring role in the pilot and first episode of Emergence, starting this fall on ABC.

Another guest starring role on Wu-Tang:An American Saga, a HULU original series beginning this fall.

I had the priviledge of narrating Vanity Fair's Mark Seal's novella released April 2019 with Scribd Originals.

"Acclaimed investigative reporter Mark Seal, himself an Alabama native, follows the trails of both the Reverend and Harper Lee, bringing the lurid tale back to life. He interviews key players, including relatives and other survivors who bear witness to this astonishing true story. One can only wonder how Lee herself would have told it. With The Devil and Harper Lee, Seal has woven together a new and uniquely American mystery."

Gamers are crazy over this latest Rockstar sequel released in October of 2018.

I did motion capture video and voiceover work on this epic off and on for three years.

I play Sheriff Harmon Thomas.

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